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Achieving a Straighter Smile by Holiday Time

Shopping list, vacation planning, company parties – there’s a lot to think about this coming holiday season, but one thing that you may not be thinking much about? Your smile.

If you’ve been struggling with having confidence behind your smile, it’s not too late to address this issue. Many adults have started to turn to an orthodontic solution that does not involve multiple trips to the dentist – and, best of all, no metal.

Invisalign, a company that produces clear aligner trays, has helped countless people achieve a better, more beautiful smile in an innovative process that helps you to continue living your life as you already do while straightening your teeth. Your dentist simply works with you to create an Invisalign treatment plan that makes sense for your lifestyle and your budget.

In many cases, people will start experiencing visible results in as little as two months. Who would have known that clear, plastic appliances (when supervised by your dentist) would be an easy and simple alternative to traditional metal braces!

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with metal braces. But Invisalign’s attractive and clear aligners have transformed the lives of many busy, hard-working adults who may have not had the time or opportunity to wear metal braces. Clear aligners can be taken out at home so that you can still enjoy the foods you want. And they’re easy to put back on when you’re done.

Are you ready to have a straighter smile before the end of 2019? Make an appointment with our dental team located in Long Beach, CA and talk to us about Invisalign. We even offer different financing options to help alleviate the financial stress of the holidays.

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