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You May Still Want a Mouthguard, Even if Summer Sports are Cancelled

COVID-19 is still prevalent in the world today, and has changed almost every family’s normal, daily activities. This also includes summer and potentially fall sports for children.

Many places (including here in Long Beach) have yet to decide whether school will go back into session this fall of 2020, but one thing’s for certain – most activities like sports won’t resume as normal. Football, soccer, basketball, and other sports will operate differently (if even at all) until this pandemic has come under control.

However, while most contact sports may not be active this year, there are plenty of other sports or activities that families may instead choose to engage in. Sports like gymnastics, track, or tennis are still viable options for children, whether or not they’ll be offered in schools, community centers, or churches.

Even if your children do not enroll in sports this year, they may still want to be active in or around your house or neighborhood. Activities like roller skating, throwing frisbees, or jogging don’t need a team. However, what they will need are some protective gear for the participant.

Mouthguards, or sometimes called mouth protectors, are a necessary item for almost all contact sports. If you’ve been in football or soccer, you’ll know that it’s an important piece of gear that helps to protect the athlete’s teeth by cushioning blows that could cause injuries like chipped or broken teeth, injuries to the tongue, and more.

But even if you aren’t participating in contact sports, you’ll find that it will offer the same layer of protection during other activities that could pose a risk of injury to the mouth. Gymnasts and track runners may fall on their faces, frisbees could strike the face, and more.

When it comes to finding the right mouthguard, it all comes down to how much you’re able to afford and how much protection you’re looking for. There are three types of mouthguards:

  • Ready-made, or stock, mouthguards that you can purchase at many retailers
  • Boil and bite mouthguards, which are appliances that you purchase from a store and mold them yourself at home using boiling water
  • Custom mouthguards that your dentist can create for you

A custom mouthguard that you or your child receive from a dental professional will provide the best protection, and will last much longer than the traditional, store-bought kind.

If you’re interested in purchasing a mouthguard from us, please schedule an appointment today. Dr. Stephen Coates and his Long Beach dental team will ensure a proper fit for superior protection, and will provide you ways to keep your mouthguard clean, hygienic, and long-lasting.

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