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Tips for Managing Your Family’s Oral Health During Summertime

Summers are full of fun, frolicking in the sun, and memory-making moments. But this is no time to neglect your oral health. Dr. Coates shares how to prevent dental problems and keep a healthy smile during the summer by following … Continue reading

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8 Dental Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June is approaching, which means it’s time to celebrate your father! For Father’s Day, consider getting dad something that can help him improve his dental health and make his smile a little brighter! The team from the Office of Dr. … Continue reading

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Why Does it Seem Like You Have Bad Breath All the Time?

Bad breath can be very bothersome. When you have bad breath in business and social settings, it can turn people away. As the condition is called, Halitosis may be caused by inadequate oral care habits, dietary issues, or even serious … Continue reading

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The Link Between Periodontal Disease and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis and gum disease have been linked together by the bone loss evident in both conditions. Those with gum disease, osteoporosis, or who are suffering from both should understand the clear link between the two conditions. Osteoporosis This common metabolic … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Oral Health

Mother’s Day is approaching, and we know how hard it is to find just the right thing to show our appreciation for all of her hard work. Dr. Coates’ team has the gift ideas that will give you the chance … Continue reading

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Alternative Options to Dental Implants for Children

Even when we take great care of our teeth, tooth loss can happen. Adults often turn to dental implants to replace the missing tooth. But when it comes to your child, dental implants are not the answer. Here, Stephen Coates, … Continue reading

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Is Your Jaw Clicking or Popping? Ask Your Dentist

If you’ve noticed a clicking in your jaw or have experienced pain in your jaw upon waking, this is the post for you. Those with temporomandibular joint pain searching for relief may wonder where they can find it. Some may … Continue reading

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How to Spring Clean Your Dental Routine

When spring arrives, many people start purging, organizing, and cleaning up their homes. This yearly happening should extend to your oral health. Spring is the perfect time to schedule your regular dental appointment to keep your smile healthy. Dr. Stephen … Continue reading

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What are Composite Fillings and Do You Need Them?

When cavities develop, dental professionals often suggest fillings to avoid infection and stabilize the tooth. Fillings are the most common dental restoration service in dentistry and the options have grown. While there are several options on the market, amalgam and … Continue reading

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Why Dental Health Matters to Your Heart

Dental professionals across the country agree that poor oral health can negatively affect the entire body, including the heart. In particular, bacteria from the mouth entering the bloodstream can lead to infection and inflammation, even in the heart. Studies have … Continue reading

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